Recording Years / Label
1973 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Ashley Hutchings bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks drums
Dundee Horns sax, trumpet
Gerry Conway drums, vocals
Ian Whiteman piano
Linda Peters vocals
Pat Donaldson bass
Richard Thompson guitar, vocals
Sandy Denny vocals
Tony Cox piano
Trevor Lucas vocals, guitar
Name Birth Death
Ashley Hutchings 1945-01-26
Dave Mattacks 1948-03-13
Dundee Horns
Gerry Conway 1947-09-11
Ian Whiteman 1945-05-18
Linda Peters
Pat Donaldson
Richard Thompson 1949-08-03
Sandy Denny 1947-01-06 1978-04-21
Tony Cox
Trevor Lucas 1943-12-25 1989-02-04
Name See associated acts
Ashley Hutchings Fairport Convention
Dave Mattacks Fairport Convention
Gerry Conway FotheringayHudson-Ford
Pat Donaldson FotheringayLazy Racer
Richard Thompson Fairport ConventionFrench-Frith-Kaiser-ThompsonRichard Thompson
Sandy Denny Fairport ConventionFotheringaySandy Denny
Trevor Lucas Fotheringay

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