Oingo Boingo

Danny Elfman told Billboard, "We had a four-song demo that was turned down by the record companies for the 50th time when somebody who worked on the production of one of the tunes brought it to IRS who said they would release it as it was, as an EP." "When it was time to do the album they asked if we wanted to move to A&M, and it seemed like a very simple logical move. There weren't even any long negotiations. In three days it was done."


Farewell: Live From the Universal Amphitheatre presss release

  1. Oingo Boingo's Odyssey from Theatre to Rock. Roman Kozak. Billboard, October 16, 1982.
Recording Years / Label
1980 -  I.R.S. Records
1980-1983 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Name Birth Death
Dale Turner
Danny Elfman 1953-05-29
David Eagle
Jim Wood
Johnny Hernandez
K. Ribbs
Kerry Hatch
Leon Schneiderman
Mario Guarneri
Miles Anderson
Richard Gibbs 1955-12-05
Sam Phipps
Steve Bartek 1952-01-30