Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

"A&M basically put their money where their mouth is. They decided we could sell more records, and they've gone out there and made sure we did. You don't get very far in the States unless you've got the wheels of the machine running in your favor," Andy McCluskey told Billboard about the marketing of The Pacific Age. A&M supported the album with a CD single of the single "(Forever) Live and Die" along with posters, tee-shirts and a video for MTV. OMD really came to Americans attention through touring.

  1. OMD in the Spotlight. Linda Moleski. Billboard, October 11, 1986.
Recording Years / Label
1984-1988 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Andrew McCluskey 1984-1986 bass, guitar, percussion, vocals
Graham Weir 1986 trombone, keyboards, guitar
Malcolm Holmes 1984-1986 drums, percussion
Martin Cooper 1984-1986 keyboards, sax, marimba
Neil Weir 1986 trumpet, bass
Paul Humphries 1984-1986 keyboards, vocals
Name Birth Death
Andrew McCluskey 1959-06-24
Graham Weir
Malcolm Holmes 1960-07-28
Martin Cooper 1958-10-01
Neil Weir
Paul Humphries 1960-02-27