Chas Jankel Discography

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109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember)

109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember)/3,000,000 Synths

109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember)/Magic Of Music

109/3,000,000 Synths

A Nova Chas

Ai No Corrida

Ai No Corrida/Lenta Latina

Am I Honest With Myself Really/Lenta Latina

Chas Jankel




Glad to Know You

Glad to Know You/109

Glad to Know You/109/Johnny Funk

Glad to Know You/3,000,000 Synths

Glad to Know You/3,000,000 Synths/Ai No Corrida

Glad to Know You/Am I Honest With Myself Really

Glad to Know You/Johnny Funk

Glad to Know You/Questionnaire

Glad to Know You/Reverie

I Can Get Over It (If You Can Get Over Here)

I Can Get Over It (If You Can Get Over Here)/To Woo Lady Kong

Looking At You

Looking At You/Little Eva

No, 1/Little Eva

No. 1

No. 1/Tonight’s the Night

No. 1/Tonight’s the Night/Ai No Corrida


Questionnaire/Ai No Corrida


Questionnaire/Glad to Know You

Without You

Without You/Reve de Chevre

Without You/To Woo Lady Kong

Without You/To Woo Lady Kong/Reve de Chevre

You’re My Occupation

You’re Too Dirty

You’re Too Dirty/Davis