Questionnaire - Chas Jankel

Stock Number
AMSP 8176
A&M Records
Released: 1981
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Carvell background vocal
Alan Downie trumpet
Bill Skeat tenor sax
Bob Sydor alto sax
Cecil Roy-Doeman drums
Charlie Charles bongos
Charlie Charles drums
Charlie Charles timbales
Chas Jankel bass
Chas Jankel clavinet
Chas Jankel guitar
Chas Jankel mix
Chas Jankel organ
Chas Jankel percussion
Chas Jankel piano
Chas Jankel producer
Chris Warwick co-producer
Chris Warwick programming
Dick Cuthell trumpet
Henry Lowther trumpet
Ingrid Mansfield Allman background vocal
Janie Romer background vocal
Jo Collins background vocal
John Altman horn arrangement
Juan Carnache maracas
Kuma Harada bass
Laura Weymouth background vocal
Malcolm Griffiths trombone
Mark Isham co-producer
Martin Drover trumpet
Mick Jacques guitar
Mick Leeson background vocal
Norman Watt-Roy bass
Pepe Lemer background vocal
Pete Vale background vocal
Pete Van Hooke bells
Pete Van Hooke drums
Pete Van Hooke mix
Pete Van Hooke producer
Pete Van Hooke synthesizer
Philip Bagenal engineer
Philip Bagenal producer
Rico Rodriguez trombone
Steve Prestage mix
Tessa Webb background vocal
Tony Utah percussion

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