Count Basie Orchestra

Recording Years / Label
1990-1991 -  Denon Records
1984-1986 -  Pablo Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bill Hughes trombone
Bob Ojeda trumpet
Byron Stripling trumpet
Carmen Bradford vocals
Clarence Banks trombone
Count Basie piano
Danny House sax, reeds
Danny Turner sax, reeds
Dennis Mackrel drums
Dennis Wilson trombone
Eric Dixon flute, sax, reeds
Frank Foster sax, reeds
Freddie Green guitar
John Williams sax, reeds
Kenny Hing sax, clarinet, flute
Lynn Eaton bass, vocals
Lynn Seaton bass
Mel Wanzo trombone
Melton Mustafa flugelhorn, trumpet
Sonny Cohn trumpet
Tee Carson piano
Chris Woods 1984 flute, alto sax
Cleveland Eaton 1984 bass
Joe Pass 1984 guitar
Eric Schneider 1984 flute, tenor sax
Booty Wood 1984 trombone
Grover Mitchell 1984 trombone
Dale Carley 1984 trumpet
Jim Crawford 1984 trumpet
Bob Summers 1984 flugelhorn, trumpet
Frank Szabo 1984 flugelhorn, trumpet
John Duke bass
Reinie Press bass
Butch Miles drums
Nat Pierce piano
Lyn Biviano trumpet
Name Birth Death
Bill Hughes 1930-03-28 2018-01-14
Bob Ojeda 1941-09-01 2020-03-26
Byron Stripling 1961-08-20
Carmen Bradford 1960-07-19
Clarence Banks 1952-06-13
Count Basie 1904-09-21 1984-04-26
Danny House
Danny Turner 1920-03-08 1995-04-14
Dennis Mackrel 1962-04-03
Dennis Wilson 1952-07-22
Eric Dixon 1930-03-28 1989-10-19
Frank Foster 1928-09-23 2011-07-26
Freddie Green 1911-03-31 1987-03-01
John Williams 1932-02-08
Kenny Hing 1935-10-25 2019-02-19
Lynn Eaton
Lynn Seaton 1957-07-16
Mel Wanzo 1930-11-22 2005-09-09
Melton Mustafa 1947-11-23 2017-12-28
Sonny Cohn 1925-03-14 2006-11-07
Tee Carson 2000-02-13
Chris Woods 1985-07-04
Cleveland Eaton 1939-08-31 2020-07-05
Joe Pass 1929-01-13 1994-05-23
Eric Schneider
Booty Wood 1919-12-27 1987-06-10
Grover Mitchell 1930-03-17 2003-08-04
Dale Carley
Jim Crawford
Bob Summers
Frank Szabo 1952-09-16
John Duke
Reinie Press
Butch Miles 1944-07-04
Nat Pierce 1925-07-16 1992-06-10
Lyn Biviano 1946-09-23
Name See associated acts
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Frank Foster Elmo Hope Quartet/Quintet
Freddie Green Herb Ellis & Freddie GreenCount Basie Big BandCount Basie Kansas City SeptemElla Fitzgerald & Count Basie Orchestra
John Williams Toni Childs, John Williams, Wayne ShorterLouie Bellson Big BandPhil Woods Quartet
Kenny Hing Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie Orchestra
Lynn Seaton Woody Herman Big Band
Mel Wanzo Count Basie Big BandElla Fitzgerald & Count Basie Orchestra
Sonny Cohn Count Basie Big BandElla Fitzgerald & Count Basie Orchestra
Joe Pass Roger Kellaway Cello QuartetDuke Ellington, Joe Pass, Ray Brown, Louie BellsonElla Fitzgerald & Joe PassHerb Ellis, Joe PassHerb Ellis, Joe Pass, Ray Brown, Jake HannaCount Basie Kansas City SeptemOscar Peterson FourOscar Peterson QuartetOscar Peterson TrioJoe Pass
Booty Wood Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie Orchestra
Frank Szabo Count Basie Big BandGene Harris All Star Big BandLouie Bellson Big Band
John Duke Count Basie Big Band
Butch Miles Count Basie Big BandDave Brubeck QuartetElla Fitzgerald & Count Basie Orchestra
Nat Pierce Frankie Capp/Nat PierceLouie Bellson Big Band

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