Ozark Mountain Daredevils

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils signed with A&M Records in 1973. Their contract called for a minimum of one album and a mximum of eight with A&M retaining the right to drop the band after albums 2, 4, 6, and 8.

The self-titled debut album was recorded in June and July 1973. There were two singles from the album, "Country Girl" and "If You Wanna Get to Heaven."

It'll Shine When It Shines was recorded in May/June 1974 as a remote recording done in Missouri and overdubs in Los Angeles. The woman on the cover is Lydia Bonham. The album produced four singles, the biggest of the four was "Jackie Blue" which was also the last single to be released from the album.

The Car Over the Lake album's first pressing came with these inserts. The flexdisc contained three songs that the group wanted the public to have and its flip side had the recording of producer David Anderle's memo to A&M's president, generl manager and A&R director on why to make this addition to the album.

Ozark Mountain Daredevils Flexidisc



Ozark Mountain Daredevils insert "lil red record"


When founding member Randle Chowning wanted to leave the group, Jerry Moss offered him a solo artist contract. 


The Car Over the Lake Album New Music On A&M Records
Men From Earth New Music On A&M Records
Don't Look Down New Music On A&M Records
The Very Best Of press release

Recording Years / Label
1973-1978 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Buddy Brayfield 1975 keyboards, oboe
Jerry Mills 1977 mandolin
John Dillon 1975-1977 guitars, mandolin, harp
Larry Lee 1975-1977 drums, guitar, synthesizer
Mike Granda 1975-1977 bass
Randle Chowning 1975 guitars, mandolin, harp
Ruell Chappell 1977 keyboards, vocals
Rune Walle 1977 guitars, sitar, banjo, vocals
Steve Canaday 1977 guitars, drums, vocals
Steve Cash 1975-1977 harp
Name Birth Death
Buddy Brayfield
Jerry Mills
John Dillon
Larry Lee
Mike Granda 1950-12-24
Randle Chowning 1950-04-04
Ruell Chappell
Rune Walle 1951-11-02
Steve Canaday 1999-09-25
Steve Cash 1946-05-05 2019-10-14
Name See associated acts
John Dillon Steve Cash/John Dillon
Randle Chowning Randle Chowning
Steve Cash Steve Cash/John DillonSteve Cash

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