David + David

Signed with A&M Records in 1984 after a temporary secretary brought an unsolicited tape to the a&r department. David Baerwald and David Ricketts had only begun working together about three weeks before A &M contacted them.

A&M Records gave the Welcome to the Boomtown album a different kind of promotion. First, every A&M executive was given cassettes of the album to listen to and give to friends in the music business. Next, A&M placed a strip ad on the bottom of Billboard's cover that offered a cassette to the music industry. Over 400 industry people requested a copy of it. Dave + David visited seven A&M field offices. The retail push reduced the album's price by $2 to $6.98 with a 100 percent return rate and extended time to make the return. Radio was asked to design a promotion that A&M would make. The 2,500 copies of "Introducing David + David: An A&M Interview Disk" was sent to college radio, press, alternative radio and 500 retailers.


David + David

Front row: Susie Lord, Alan Oken 
Curtis Hawkins, Howard Parr (publicist), JB Brenner, David Baerwald, David Ricketts, Jeff Gold,

  1. Welcome to the Big Time David + David Get Promo Push. Linda Moleski. Billboard, September20, 1986.
Recording Years / Label
1986 -  A&M Records
Official Biography .
Name Member Years Instruments
David Baerwald 1986 vocals, guitar
David Ricketts 1986 bass, guitar, keyboards
Name Birth Death
David Baerwald 1960-07-11
David Ricketts 1953-11-16
Name See associated acts
David Baerwald David Baerwald

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