Stealers Wheel

Stealers Wheel was signed to A&M Records, Ltd. Derek Green told Music Week, "Stealers Wheel hit big with their first single and went on the road, but would not take direction. They were not prepared to meet the commercial world at all....I think Gerry Rafferty is in the top ten most talented people I have ever worked with, but he just didn't want to work it our way. I respected him for that--as long has he was true to what he was saying--and we gave him a release. He was an artist I would have stuck with forever, but his attitude precluded that."


Right Or Wrong New Music On A&M Records


Derek Green Keeping the Faith--Even in the Quietest Moments. John Hayward. Music Week, July 9, 1977.

Recording Years / Label
1972-1975 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Andrew Steele 1974-1975 percussion, chimes, drums, sound effects, tambourine, triangle
Bernie Holland 1974-1975 guitar
Chris Mercer 1974-1975 sax
Chris Neale 1974 harmonica
Chris Neill 1975 harmonica, harp
Corky Hale 1974 harp
Dave Wintour 1975 bass
David Briggs 1975 piano, keyboards
Gary Taylor 1974 synthesizer, bass
Geraldine Josephine 1975 guitar, keyboards
Gerry Rafferty 1972-1975 guitar, vocals
Hugh Burns 1975 guitar
Joe Egan 1972-1975 keyboards, vocals
Joe Jammer 1974 guitar
Paul Pilnick 1972 guitar
Peter Robinson 1974 keyboards
Rod Coombes 1972 drums
Steve Gregory 1974 sax
Tony Williams (Stealers Wheel) 1972 bass
Name Birth Death
Andrew Steele 1941-08-02 2005-04-18
Bernie Holland 1948-12-15
Chris Mercer
Chris Neale
Chris Neill
Corky Hale 1936-07-03
Dave Wintour 1944-09-01 2022-07-12
David Briggs
Gary Taylor 1960-11-27
Geraldine Josephine
Gerry Rafferty 1947-04-16 2011-01-04
Hugh Burns
Joe Egan 1946-10-18
Joe Jammer
Paul Pilnick 1944-03-17 2021-09-17
Peter Robinson 1945-09-16
Rod Coombes 1946-05-15
Steve Gregory
Tony Williams (Stealers Wheel) 1947-08-19
Name See associated acts
Bernie Holland Hummingbird
Gerry Rafferty Gerry Rafferty & Joe EganGerry Rafferty
Joe Egan Gerry Rafferty & Joe Egan
Rod Coombes Strawbs

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