Inside Job

Stock Number
WR 8251
WR 08252-A/B
Word Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album.
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Believe (Sweet Lord Jesus) 00:03:34
2 He's the One 00:05:02
3 Center Of My Life 00:04:28
4 Truth Will Set You Free 00:06:10
5 Gonna Be Ready 00:03:39
6 Old Souvenirs 00:03:51
7 New Jersey Wife 00:03:54
8 Man in the Glass 00:04:21
9 Sweet Surrender 00:04:33
Personnel Role
Dion guitar
Dion producer
Dion vocal
Eric Schilling engineer
George Perry bass
Joe Galdo drums
Joe Galdo percussion
Paul Harris keyboards