Barry White

Barry White told Billboard that he signed with A&M Records, "because it's a small company and I can talk to these people face to face." Jesus Garber, A&M's black music marketing director and Tabu Records president Clarance Avant "put me with [A&M senior vice president for a&r] John McClain. What was supposed to be a short dinner meeting ended up lasting well into the evening. When we finished, I knew I wanted to be with A&M. The owners, Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss, and president Gil Friesen are my kind of people, and, though my contract says five years, I'd like to be there forever."

"It's not when you come back; it's what you come back with."--Barry White (Billboard)

"1987 marked the new era of Barry White. I'm 47 years old. I started singing at 27. Now I am going into my teaching era. I'm a grandfather, a father; I've already written history for me. If I never make another record I will be documented. It's about being a role model to little boys and girls, it's about dealing with your craft from the love stake, not the money stake."

About his The Icon Is Love album, White told Billboard that it has, "great songs, quality melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a sound of distinction with [my] voice. I've always believed that once you've had great success, you can have it again--you take what's old, and in 10 years, it's new again."



Barry White Official Biography 1991
Barry White Official Biography 1994


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Recording Years / Label
1987-1995 -  A&M Records
keyboards, vocals
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