Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes stayed at A&M Records after his band The Merry-Go-Round broke up. He retained Larry Marks as his producer and recorded his first solo album in the A&M studios. "I would figure out [the arrangements] in my studio at home on the two stereo machines I had then, and I'd take it into the A&M studio and do it the exact same way. If the song had piano, I'd put the piano down first and then I'd add things on to it, like drums to it and then I'd put the guitar on, and so on. It took me about three days to work a song out at my home studio."

The first A&M album issued with two front covers keeping the same title was American Dream by Emitt Rhodes.


Interview From the Emitt Rhodes Songbook. Russ Auwerter.

Recording Years / Label
1970 -  A&M Records
vocals, keyboards
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