Goes to a Fire - Firehouse Five Plus Two

Stock Number
S 10052
Good Time Jazz
vinyl album.
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fire! (Turn the Hose On Me) 00:03:15
2 Keep The Home Fires Burning (Till The Boys Come Home) 00:03:15
3 Flamin' Mamie 00:02:52
4 Hot Lips 00:02:42
5 Smoky Mokes 00:02:56
6 The Midnight Fire Alarm 00:02:45
7 Fireman, Save My Child 00:04:18
8 A Hot time In the Old Town 00:02:50
9 Smokey the Bear 00:02:49
10 I Don't Want to Set The World On Fire (I Just Want to Start a Flame In Your Heart) 00:03:36
11 Oh Sister, Ain't That Hot! 00:02:50
12 Firehouse Stomp 00:02:57

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