Spooky Tooth

The Spooky Tooth album Ceremony was the first fusion of hard rock music and lyrics with electronic music.

Cash Box reported that Spooky Two was #4 in the Netherlands in July 1969. The single "That Was Only Yesterday" made the nation's hit parade.

That Was Only Yesterday New Music On A&M Records

Recording Years / Label
1969-1973 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Alan Spenner 1970 bass
Andy Leigh 1969 bass
Bryson Graham 1973 drums
Chris Stainton 1970 bass, keyboards, guitar
Chris Stewart 1973 bass
Gary Wright 1969-1973 organ
Greg Ridley bass, vocals
Henry McCullough 1970 guitar
Luther Grosvenor 1969-1970 guitar
Mick Jones 1973 guitar, vocals
Mike Harrison 1969-1973 vocals
Mike Kellie 1969-1970 drums
Pierre Henry 1969 electronics
Name Birth Death
Alan Spenner 1948-05-07 1991-08-11
Andy Leigh
Bryson Graham 1952-09-01 1993-12-06
Chris Stainton 1944-03-22
Chris Stewart 2020-05-15
Gary Wright 1943-04-26 2023-09-04
Greg Ridley 1947-10-23 2003-11-19
Henry McCullough 1943-07-21 2016-06-14
Luther Grosvenor 1949-12-23
Mick Jones 1944-12-27
Mike Harrison 1945-09-30 2018-03-25
Mike Kellie 1947-03-24 2017-01-18
Pierre Henry 1927-12-09 2017-07-05
Name See associated acts
Bryson Graham Wright's Wonderwheel
Gary Wright Wright's WonderwheelGary Wright
Greg Ridley Humble Pie
Henry McCullough Suzy & the Red StripesHenry McCullough
Mick Jones Wright's Wonderwheel

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