Gallagher & Lyle Discography

There are 156 releases for Gallagher & Lyle. Click below for detailed information.

Best Of


Breakaway/Rock Writer


Breakaway/Storm In My Soul

Country Morning/Shine a Light


Every Little Teardrop

Every Little Teardrop/Street Boys

For Producers Only

Gallagher & Lyle

Give a Boy a Break/Harmonium

Give a Boy a Break/Joie de Vivre

Give a Boy a Break/Willie

Heart On My Sleeve

Heart On My Sleeve: the Very Best Of

Heart On My Sleeve/Northern Girl

Heart On My Sleeve/Storm In My Soul

Heartbreaker/Golden Boy

Heartbreaker/In Your Eyes

I Believe In You/Seeds

I Had to Fall In Love/Head Talk

I Wanna Stay With You

I Wanna Stay With You/Breakaway

I Wanna Stay With You/Fifteen Summers

I Wanna Stay With You/Fifteen Summers/I Believe In You

Jesus Save Me/Among the Birks

Love On the Airwaves

Missing You/Hearts Don't Break


Seeds Of Change/Shine a Light

Shine a Light

Shine a Light/All I Want to Do


Showdown/Golden Boy

Sittin' Down Music/SS Man

Song and Dance Man/Acne Blues

The Best

The Best Of Gallagher & Lyle

The Last Cowboy

The Runaway/Call For the Captain

The Runaway/Street Boys

Throw Away Heart

Throw Away Heart/Golden Boy

We/King Of the Silents

Willie and the Lap Dog

You Put the Heart Back In the City/Fifteen Summers

You're the One/Backstage