Hometown Band

"We all came from diverse musical backgrounds. I think that helps because we never go in one direction totally. Our priority is to keep growing musically, and to have enough success to stay on top of it."--Shari Ulrich, RPM May 6, 1978

"The people in this band want to play because of what it can do for them musically and not because it can get them a limousine....The musical competence of each person and the facility for the instruments they play is extremely high."--Claire Lawrence, RPM December 11, 1976

The Hometown Band formed in 1975 as a trio of Claire Lawrence, Shari Ulrich and Geoff Eyre. They initially toured with Valdy in Canada. After the tour they added Robbie King and Doug Edwards. They were signed to A&M Records Canada in 1976. The deal was for eight albums in five years. By May 1977 they sold more than 30,000 albums and had two hit singles.

Their debut album was released in the U.S., England, Finland and Australia. 

In 1977, the Hometown Band toured Canada with Valdy. Their manager told RPM the tour encompassed 73 shows in 72 days in 54 venues with attendance of more than 95,000 and grossed $250,000. There were six people in the band, a road crew of four plus the manager sharing three vehicles over 36,000 miles. 

The Hometown Band won the 1976 Juno Award for Best New Group.


Flying New Music On A&M Records
The Hometown Band New Music On A&M Records


A&M Canada--Big On Image. RPM, October 23, 1976.
Claire Lawrence the Man Behind the Hometown Band. Richard J. Skelly. RPM, December 11, 1976.
Valdy & The Hometown Band Cap Biggest Tour. RPM, May 7, 1977.
The Hometown Band Finds Welcome Away From Home. Nancy Gallo. RPM, May 6, 1978.

Recording Years / Label
1976-1978 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Claire Lawrence 1975 saxophones, flute
Doug Edwards 1976 guitar, bass, vocals
Edward Patterson guitar, vocals
Geoff Eyre 1975 drums, percussion, vocals
Robbie King 1976 keyboard bass, piano, organ, vocals
Shari Ulrich 1975 vocals, violin, flute
Name Birth Death
Claire Lawrence
Doug Edwards 1946-03-15 2016-11-11
Edward Patterson
Geoff Eyre
Robbie King 1947-05-27 2003-10-17
Shari Ulrich 1951-10-17
Name See associated acts
Shari Ulrich Shari Ulrich

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