Humble Pie Discography

There are 306 releases for Humble Pie. Click below for detailed information.

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

30 Days In the Hole

30 Days In the Hole/C'mon Everybody

30 Days In the Hole/Sweet Peace and Time

A Piece Of the Pie

A&M Classics

As Safe As Yesterday

Big Black Dog/Only a Roach

Big Black Dog/Strange Days

Black Coffee/Say No More

Black Coffee/Shut Up and Don't Interrupt Me

Classics Collection Vol. 13

Classics Collection Vol. 14


Eat It

Get Down to It/Good Booze and Bad Women

Get Down to It/Honky Tonk Woman

Get Down to It/Honky Tonk Women

Greatest Hits

Hot 'N' Nasty

Hot 'N' Nasty: The Anthology

Hot 'N' Nasty/Sweet Peace and Time

Hot 'N' Nasty/You're So Good For Me

Humble Pie

I Don't Need No Doctor/Big George

I Don't Need No Doctor/Hot 'N' Nasty/Old Time Feelin'

I Don't Need No Doctor/Song For Jennie

Lost and Found

Ninety-Nine Pounds

Ninety-Nine Pounds/Rally With Ali

Oh La De Da/The Outcrowd

One-Eyed Trouser Snake Rumba/I'm Ready

Performance Rockin' the Fillmore

Performance: Rockin’ the Fillmore

Pop Chronik

Rock 'N' Roll Music/Road Hog

Rock 'N' Roll Music/Scored Out

Rock 'N' Roll Music/Scored Out Sister

Rock and Roll Music/Scored Out

Rock On

Shine On

Shine On/A Song For Jennie

Shine On/Mr. Ring


Street Rats