Recording Years / Label
1982 -  Milestone Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Pasquito D'Rivera 1982 clarinet, flute, sax
Carlos del Puerto 1982 bass, tuba
Jorge Alfonso 1982 congas
Oscar Valdes 1982 congas
Enrique Pia 1982 drums
Carlos Morales 1982 flugelhorn, guitar, sax
Armando Cuervo 1982 percussion, vocal
Chucho Valdes 1982 keyboards, piano, organ
Carlos Averhoff 1982 clarinet, flute, sax
Arturo Sandoval 1982 trumpet, trombone, percussion
Jorge Varona 1982 trumpet
Name Birth Death
Pasquito D'Rivera 1948-06-04
Carlos del Puerto
Jorge Alfonso
Oscar Valdes
Enrique Pia
Carlos Morales 2014-11-12
Armando Cuervo
Chucho Valdes 1941-10-09
Carlos Averhoff
Arturo Sandoval 1949-11-06
Jorge Varona 1932-07-03 1988-10-12

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