Joan Armatrading Discography

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20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

24 Party Crackers

A&M Classics Vol. 21

A&M Feels So Good

All the Way From America

All the Way From America/Is It Tomorrow Yet

All the Way From America/It It Tomorrow Yet


An Introduction to Hearts and Flowers

Angel Man

Angel Man/Rivers On Fire

Angel Man/Russian Roulette

Back to the Night

Back to the Night/So Good

Barefoot and Pregnant

Barefoot and Pregnant/Your Letter

Bottom to the Top/Taking My Baby Uptown

Bottom to the Top/Your Letter

Call Me Names (I Love It When You)

Call Me Names (I Love It When You)/Drop the Pilot

Call Me Names (I Love It When You)/Everybody Gotta Know

Call Me Names (I Love It When You)/For the Best

Classic Joan Armatrading

Classics Collection Vol. 10

Classics Collection Vol. 21

Come From the Shadows

Compact Hits

Down to Zero/Like Fire

Drop the Pilot

Drop the Pilot/Business Is Business

Dry Land/Body Of Dust

Flight Of the Wild Geese/Get In the Sun

Flight Of the Wild Geese/No Way Out

Flight Of the Wild Geese/Parade Ground (Dogs Of War)


Free Joan Armatrading

Free/The Shouting Stage

Frustration/Back to the Night


Greatest Hits

Have You Met Ms. Armatrading?

He Wants Her

He Wants Her/Show Some Emotion

Hearts and Flowers

Heaven/Back to the Night


How Cruel

I Wanna Hold You

I Wanna Hold You/Crying

I'm Lucky/Rosie

I'm Lucky/Shine

I’m Lucky/Shine

Jesse/Don Juan/Love and Affection/Willow

Jesse/The River's On Fire

Jesse/The River's On Fire/Temptation

Joan Armatrading

Joan Armatrading Collection

Joan Armatrading/To the Limit

Kind Words (and a Real Good Heart)

Kind Words (and a Real Good Heart)/Figure Of Speech

Limited Edition

Live at the Bijou Cafe

Live At the Bijou Cafe, Philadelphia 2/18/78

Living For You

Living For You/Down to Zero/Show Emotion

Living For You/I Really Must Be Going

Living For You/Innocent Request

Living For You/Innocent Request/Cool Blue Stole My Heart

Lonely Lady/Together In Words and Music

Love and Affection

Love and Affection (a Joan Armatrading Anthology)

Love and Affection (Chronicles)

Love and Affection Classics 1975-1983

Love and Affection: Very Best of

Love and Affection/All the Way From America

Love and Affection/Help Yourself

Love and Affection/People

Love By You/Read It Write

Me Myself I