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Me Myself I

Me Myself I/Track Record

Me Myself I/Walk Under Ladders

Me Myself I/When You Kisses Me

Millennium Edition

More Than One Kind Of Love

More Than One Kind of Love

More Than One Kind Of Love/Good Times/Love and Affection/I'm Lucky

More Than One Kind Of Love/Love and Affection

More Than One King Of Love/Love and Affection

No Love/At the Hop

No Love/Dollars

Promise Land/Down to Zero

Promise Land/Down to Zero/Dark Truths Live

Reach Out/River On Fire


Rosie/He Wants Her

Rosie/How Cruel

Rosie/Show Some Emotion

Secret Secrets

Show Some Emotion

Show Some Emotion/Me Myself I

Show Some Emotion/No Way Out

Show Some Emotion/Peace In Mind

Simon/He Wants Her

Sleight Of Hand

Square the Circle

Steppin' Out

Steppin' Out/Wishing

Stronger Love/The Devil I Know


Temptation/Spanking Brand New/Talking to the Wall

Temptation/Talking to the Wall

The Collection

The Key

The Key/What Do Boys Dream

The Shouting Stage

The Shouting Stage/I Really Must Be Going

The Weakness In Me

The Weakness In Me/Crying

The Weakness In Me/Crying/Dollars/Shine

The Weakness In Me/Dollars/Crying/Shine

Thinking Man/Love Grows

Thinking Man/Love Grows/Drop the Pilot

To the Limit

To The Limit