Joan Baez Discography

There are 387 releases for Joan Baez. Click below for detailed information.

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

Best Of

Best Of Friends

Best Of Friends/Less Than the Song

Best Of Friends/Mary Call

Blue Sky/Diamonds & Rust

Blue Sky/Dida

Cantan En Espanol

Caruso/Oh Brother

Caruso/Time Is Passing Us By

Children and All That Jazz/Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer

Classic Joan Baez the Universal Masters Collection

Classics Collection Vol. 8

Come From the Shadows

Diamonds (Anthology)

Diamonds & Rust

Diamonds & Rust/Blue Sky

Diamonds & Rust/Oh Happy Day

Diamonds & Rust/Winds Of the Old Days

Forever Young

Forever Young/Diamonds & Rust

Forever Young/Guantanamera

From Every Stage

From Every State

Gracias a la Vida

Greatest Hits

Guantanamera/Forever Young

Gulf Winds