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20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection


Angel/Little Goodnight

Angel/Little Goodnight/I'll Never Get Over You/Drive South


Authorized Bootleg: Live At the Tower

Bring Back Your Love to Me

Bring Back Your Love to Me/Ashland City

Bring Back Your Love to Me/Old Habits

Bring the Family

Buffalo River Home

Child Of the Wild Blue Yonder


Cross My Fingers/Little Goodnight/Angel/Buffalo River Home

Cross My Fingers/True Believer

Drive South

Drive South/Thank You Girl

Excerpts From Perfectly Good Guitar

Georgia Rae/Already Loved

Greatest Hits: the A&M Years '87-'94

Have a Little Faith In Me

Have a Little Faith In Me/Lipstick Sunset

Have a Little Faith In Me/Thank You Girl

Have a Little Faith In Me/Thank You, Girl

Have a Little Faith In Me/Tip Of My Tongue

Hiatt Comes a Bit Alive Alive At Budokan

Hiatt Comes Alive At Budokan

I'll Never Get Over You

Icy Blue Heart/Memphis In the Meantime

In-Store Play Sampler

John Hiatt

Live At the Hiatt

Live At the Palace Melbourne 24, 1991

Memphis In the Meantime

Memphis In the Meantime/Have a Little Faith In Me

Paper Thin

Perfectly Good Guitar

Perfectly Good Guitar/Little Goodnight

Real Fine Love

Real Fine Love/Just Enough Ashland City

Riot With Hiatt

Slow Turning

Slow Turning/Already Loved

Slow Turning/Already Loved/Is Anybody There?

Slow Turning/Is Anybody There?

Slow Turning/Your Dad Did

Something Wild

Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments/Old Habits Are Hard to Break

Tennessee Plates/Georgia Rae

Tennessee Plates/Georgia Rae/Thank You Girl

Thank You Girl

Thank You Girl/Lipstick Sunset

Thank You Girl/Tip Of My Tongue

The Rest Of the Dream