John Hiatt

The Perfectly Good Guitar album was recorded in two weeks and mixed in another two weeks. "I've closed the book on the little story I had to tell on the last three records. That was the end of that and I was ready to do something else. I was ready to do something else. It was time to get back to just making up some good stories."

A&M Records filmed Hiatt performing material from Perfectly Good Guitar on its soundstage. The footage was used to create videos for worldwide use. In the U.S., the label bought radio and television ads to support the album and tour. A bonus track was added to the album for release outside North America.


John Hiatt, Al Green

John Hiatt, Bob Reitmn, Al Green, Alan Oken



The A&M Years '87-'94 press release

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Recording Years / Label
1986-1994 -  A&M Records
vocals, guitar, piano

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