Josh Clayton-Felt

Josh Clayton-Felt rented a house outside Los Angeles he called the Tree House to record Inarticulate Nature Boy. The Tree House is isolated and surrounded by trees. He told Billboard, "Being in a place like that, beyond just being more creative, contributed to the record, so that when you'd sit in the room and hit a guitar chord or play the Wurlitzer piano, it'd sound so warm and organic. So we really strived to bring that[quality] to the record." Of his co-producer and engineer Tony Phillips, he said, "Suddenly I had a world-class engineer sitting there, and I didn't have to worry about sounds anymore. I know that all I had to do was give a good performance and it would sound great, because everything he records sounds great. Part of what happens on a record is magic, and the magic is the way that it's recorded. You know, there are only so many chords, and we're all using basically the same instruments, so maybe the only thing you can do to make the ingredients different are some of the more unheard of things, like the house. The mystery of the place you record in adds a sound and a spice to the record."

The campaign to support the album included a video of the song "Windows"; a tour with label-mate band Diswalla where a sampler of his songs was given to the audience; a tour of retail and record stores in 20 key markets; an appearance at the National Association of Recording Manufacturers conference; a CD-maxi, and bin cards for retailers.

Gin Blossoms, Josh Clayton-Felt, Badlees 1996 concert ticket by A&M Records
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Recording Years / Label
1995-1996 -  A&M Records
guitar, bass, keyboards, drums

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