Phil Ochs

Signed with A&M Records by Jerry Moss in May 1967. Ochs received a $25,000 signing bonus plus artistic control. In the spring of 1967, Ochs went on tour.

In August 1967, Phil began recording The Pleasures of the Harbor. The album had one of the longest running times in pop album history. It ran about 50 minutes while the usual album ran 30 to 40 minutes. It sold about 20,000 copies--Ochs' best-selling album.

Phil Ochs's album The Pleasures of the Harbor had one of the longest running times in popular music.

There are three recorded versions of "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends." One is unedited, one removed the verse about marijuana and the third replaced the line of that verse. These versions were created in response to radio's objection to the drug reference.

Tape from California sold about 20,000 copies.

Rehearsals for Retirement had a tombstone on its front cover that read "Died in Chicago, 1968." This was a reference to the Democratic Convention that was held there. The album was pulled from sales a few months after its release after selling about 20,000 copies.

Phil Ochs Greatest Hits contained all new songs. Ochs wore a gold lame suit for the cover and also wore it in concert. This album was also pulled from sales and sold the fewest copies of all of Ochs' albums.

Jerry Moss refused to release the Carnegie Hall concert recording (Gunfight At Carnegie Hall). It was released on A&M Records of Canada.


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Recording Years / Label
1967-1974 -  A&M Records
guitars, vocals
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