Strawbs was named for the Strawberry Hill district of London.

The Strawbs was the first act signed by A&M Records, Ltd. in Great Britain in May 1968. The group broke in Canada before the U.S.

Strawbs had more members who were eventually signed to A&M as members of other bands and as solo artists than any other group on the label. David Cousins, Sandy Denny, Richard Hudson and John Ford, and Rick Wakeman all released albums for A&M Records.

Billboard reported the "Part of the Union" single reached #2 in Bangkok on March 24, 1973 and #8 in Singapore on April 7, 1973.


20th Century Masters press release


The Strawbs, David Cousins' Simple Visions. Frank Jarvis. Goldmine, August 21, 1992, 30.

Recording Years / Label
1968-1975 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Blue Weaver 1971-1972 keyboards
Chas. Cronk 1973-1975 bass, synthesizer, vocals
Claire Deniz 1969
Dave Cousins 1968-1975 vocals, dulcimer, banjo, guitar, recorder
Dave Lambert 1972-1975 guitars, vocals
John Ford 1970-1972 vocals, bass
John Hawken 1973 keyboards, sythesizer
John Mealing 1975 keyboards
Richard Hudson 1970-1972 drums, vocals, sitar
Rick Wakeman 1970 organ, celeste, clarinet, piano, harpsichord, sythesizer
Robert Kirby 1975 keyboards
Rod Coombes 1973-1975 drums, percussion, vocals
Ron Chesterman 1968-1969 bass
Tony Hooper 1968-1971 vocals, autoharp, guitar, tambourine
Name Birth Death
Blue Weaver 1947-03-11
Chas. Cronk
Claire Deniz
Dave Cousins 1945-01-07
Dave Lambert 1949-03-08
John Ford 1948-07-01
John Hawken 1940-05-09
John Mealing 1942-04-05
Richard Hudson 1948-05-09
Rick Wakeman 1949-05-18
Robert Kirby 1948-04-16 2009-10-03
Rod Coombes 1946-05-15
Ron Chesterman 1943-11-27 2007-03-16
Tony Hooper 1943-09-14
Name See associated acts
Dave Cousins Dave Cousins
John Ford Hudson-Ford
Richard Hudson Hudson-Ford
Rick Wakeman Rick Wakeman & Roger DaltreyRick Wakeman
Rod Coombes Stealers Wheel