Bell & James

"We had been signed [to A&M] due to the demos we had sent out. At the time we recorded that music we had to play all the instruments since we didn't have the bread to pay studio musicians. Since A&M had brought the sound on those tapes, we felt we should play all the instruments on the album too. We wanted to give them the sound they paid for. We won't be one of those new groups that get a hit record, start a production company, a publishing company, and then go bankrupt. All That is too hard to do, especially if you have only a few people involved. We want to grow, but we'll take our time and do it right." Leroy Bell told Billboard.

Bell & James Provided Fuel For Elton's Chart Comeback Press Release
Bell & James: Only Make Believe
Bell & James: Only Make Believe

  1. Bell, James Blow Their Own Horns. Nelson George. Billboard, April 4, 1979.
Recording Years / Label
1978-1981 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Casey James 1978-1981 guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion
LeRoy M. Bell 1978-1981 guitar, drums, congas, percussion
Name Birth Death
Casey James
LeRoy M. Bell 1951-09-13

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