Lookin' For Trouble - Joyce Kennedy

Stock Number
TC 4996
A&M Records
cassette album.
Released: 1984
Credit Sort descending Role
Chuck Beeson art direction
Dana Marshall keyboards
Dana Marshall synthesizer
Dani Johnson background vocal
David Williams guitar
Earnest Reed guitar
Freddie Washington bass
George Johnson guitar
Harry Langdon photography
Horace Coleman guitar
Jeffrey Osborne producer
Jeffrey Osborne vocal
Jim Shifflett engineer
Joey Gallo keyboards
Joey Gallo synthesizer
John McGhee guitar
John Robinson drums
Keg Johnson producer
Kevin Walker keyboards
Kevin Walker synthesizer
Kirk Ferraioli engineer
Kirk Ferraioli mix
Leon Sylvers, III background vocal
Leon Sylvers, III bass
Leon Sylvers, III producer
Les Cooper engineer
Les Cooper mix
Louis Johnson bass
Lynn Davis background vocal
Melanie Nissen design
Mike Frenke engineer
Pat Terry background vocal
Paul Jackson, Jr. guitar
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Raymond Jones keyboards
Ricky Smith keyboards
Ricky Smith synthesizer
Stephen Ferrone drums
Steve Lukather guitar
William Zimmerman keyboards
William Zimmerman producer
William Zimmerman synthesizer

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