Stan Getz

"I had a real ball doing Apasionado. We took our time. It was done in three days. I never took that long before. Well, we couldn't figure out what material to play. I got together with Herb [Alpert] and Eddie del Barrio--the composer and synth player who I'm taking to Europe. I went up to Herb's house every day for three weeks and sort of put the skeleton together. That was the preparation we had."

Herb Alpert contacted Getz and suggested they make a record together.

"[Jazz musicians] don't want to take something and play it because it's already been done. But I feel that music can be classic, too. Just nice music. Jazz music is supposed to be democratic music. Each man has a say in a jazz quartet. But they all must contribute to the whole. Egos have to be kept to a minimum. But you know jazz musicians. They're crying for attention. They always want something different."


Bossas and Ballads: The Lost Sessions press release
Bossas and Ballads: The Lost Sessions sellsheet

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Recording Years / Label
1990 -  A&M Records
1981-1982 -  Concord Jazz
1984-1987 -  Original Jazz Classics

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