The Keys Album - Keys

Stock Number
AMLH 68526
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1981-4
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Hello Hello 00:03:30
2 It Ain't So 00:02:28
3 One Good Reason 00:03:15
4 Listening In 00:03:06
5 I Don't Wanna Cry 00:02:52
6 Saturday to Sunday Night 00:04:00
7 Spit It Out 00:02:38
8 If It's Not Too Much 00:02:49
9 Run Run Run 00:02:47
10 Greasy Money 00:03:30
11 Back to Black 00:03:18
12 World Ain't Turning 00:03:27
Credit Sort descending Role
Allan Ballard photography
Barbarann Reeves design
Ben Grove vocal
Drew Barfield bass
Drew Barfield vocal
Geoff Britton drums
Ivan Bird photography
Joe Jackson producer
Mark Hunt engineer
Michael Ross art direction
Steve Tatler vocal

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