Kim Carnes Concerts

Kim Carnes performed 22 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Livingston, AL University of Alabama 1976-3-25
Los Angeles, CA Variety Arts Center 1976-9-3
Charleston, WV Municipal Auditorium 1976-4-4
Atlanta, GA Civic Center 1976-4-3
Johnson City, TN Freedom Hall 1976-4-2
Nashville, TN Grand Ole Opry 1976-4-1
Knoxville, TN Aud Theater 1976-3-31
Chattanooga, TN Memorial Auditorium 1976-3-30
Rustin, LA Louisiana University of Technology 1976-3-28
Memphis, TN Mid-South Coliseum 1976-3-27
New Orleans, LA Performing Arts Center 1976-3-26
Binghamton, NY Broom County Memorial Arena 1976-3-5
Birmingham, AL Jefferson Civic Center 1976-3-24
Jacksonville, FL Florida J. College 1976-3-19
New York, NY Avery Fisher Hall 1976-3-15
Washington, DC Cellar Door 1976-3-14
Washington, DC Cellar Door 1976-3-12
Washington, DC Cellar Door 1976-3-11
Philadelphia, PA Academy of Music 1976-3-10
Fitchburg, MA George Wallace Civic Center 1976-3-9
Albany, NY Palace Theater 1976-3-7
Rochester, NY Aud Theater 1976-3-6