Carle Vickers told Cash Box, "[L.T.D. and A&M] both developed together. We learned about the recording business, and A&M learned a lot about the nature of the black market and how to cater to its particular needs. We were lucky that Jerry Moss is a record man because how many companies would accommodate us if we went to them with three non-hit albums and said we weren’t satisfied with our previous producers?"

Vickers continued, "We begged [A&M] to let us go out to stations and stores and since there are ten men in the group, we were able to cover a lot of promotional ground."

The Brothers Johnson and L.T.D. concert in December 1977 at the L.A. Forum was the first national satellite broadcast of R&B artists.


Love to the World New Music On A&M Records
Something to Love New Music On A&M Records
20th Century Masters press release

Recording Years / Label
1974-1981 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Abraham Miller, Jr. tenor sax, percussion, vocals
Billy Osborne keyboards, drums, percussion, vocals
Carle Vickers trumpet, sax, vocals
Henry Davis bass, guitar, celeste, percussion
Jake Riley trombone, percussion
Jeffrey Osborne drums, percussion, piano, vocals
Jimmie Davis keyboards, vocals
Lorenzo Carnegie alto and tenor sax
Pondaza Santiel congos, bongos, percussion
Toby Wynn baritone and alto sax
Name Birth Death
Abraham Miller, Jr.
Billy Osborne
Carle Vickers
Henry Davis 1948-11-22 2012-01-18
Jake Riley
Jeffrey Osborne 1948-03-09
Jimmie Davis
Lorenzo Carnegie
Pondaza Santiel
Toby Wynn
Name See associated acts
Jeffrey Osborne Jeffrey Osborne

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