Brothers Johnson

The Brothers Johnson first exposure to A&M Records was that George toured with Billy Preston in 1971. In 1972, Louis joined Billy's touring band and contributed song's to Preston's A&M albums Music Is My Life and The Kids and Me. In February 1975 the brothers were invited to a recording session for Quincy Jones' Mellow Madness album on A&M. Louis said, "George and I had dug Quincy's music for along time and really wanted to meet him, so when we had the opportunity we jumped. During a break in the recording we rapped to him and told him that were musicians and writers. He told use to play for him...and we played hi a couple of our songs. His reaction was awesome--we couldn't believe it!....Quincy used four of our songs." The brothers toured with Quincy who got them their contract with A&M.

The Brothers Johnson were hired by A&M recording artist and producer Quincy Jones for sessions and tours. Jones got the Brothers Johnson signed to A&M Records in 1976 then produced and arranged their first four albums.

Light Up the Night was a top 10 album within weeks of its release.

The Brothers Johnson and L.T.D. concert in December 1977 at the L.A. Forum was the first national satellite broadcast of R&B artists.

In 1978 Blam by the Brothers Johnson was the first picture disc geared to the black audience.

Re-signed with A&M Records on September 13, 1980.


Look Out For #1 New Music On A&M Records
Right On Time New Music On A&M Records
Strawberry Letter 23/The Very Best of press release

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Recording Years / Label
1976-1989 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
George Johnson 1976-1989 guitar, vocal
Louis Johnson 1976-1989 guitars, bass, vocals
Name Birth Death
George Johnson 1953-05-17
Louis Johnson 1955-04-13 2015-05-21
Name See associated acts
Louis Johnson Passage

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