Pray For Me - Mighty Clouds of Joy

Stock Number
75021 8495
Word Records
United States
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1990
Recording Notes
Word Records
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus 00:03:54
2 Showing Each Other Love 00:06:04
3 Nobody Can Turn Me Around 00:03:06
4 You Think You're Doing It on Your Own 00:04:21
5 What a Friend We Have in Jesus 00:03:01
6 Somewhere Around the Throne 00:04:50
7 Heavy Load 00:09:31
8 Pray For Me 00:08:46
9 I've Got One Thing You Can't Take Away 00:11:33
Credit Sort descending Role
Chris Bellman mastering
Eddie Alford bass
Eddie Alford guitar
Eddie Alford tambourine
Eddie Alford vocal
Elmeo Franklin
Jame Bullard executive producer
Jerry Peters piano
Jerry Peters producer
Jerry Peters synthesizer
Joe Ligon
Joe Neil engineer
Joe Neil mix
Johnny Valentin drums
Larry Goode assistant engineer
Lloyd Barry horn arrangement
Lloyd Barry horns
Michael Cook
Michael McCowan
Peter Nomura art direction
Peter Nomura design
Richard Wallace
Richard Wallace bass
Russ Harrington photography
Sanchez Harley contractor
Shawn Moeller assistant engineer

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