Initially signed by Solid Gold Records and distributed by A&M Records Of Canada with those recordings distributed only in Canada.  Toronto was signed by A&M Records in the U.S. in May 1980 for worldwide distribution. Toronto products would first be released in the U.S. and 90 days later to the rest of the world.

Toronto: Lookin' For Trouble


A&M Signs Toronto to Worldwide Deal. RPM, May 17, 1980.

Recording Years / Label
1980-1981 -  A&M Records
1980-1984 -  Solid Gold Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Brian Allen 1980-1983 guitar, vocals
Sheron Alton 1980-1983 guitar, vocals
Nick Costello 1980 bass
Jimmy Fox drums, percussion
Scott Kreyer 1980-1983 keyboards
Holly Woods 1980 vocals
Mike Gingrich 1983 bass
Barry Connors 1983 drums
Name Birth Death
Brian Allen
Sheron Alton
Nick Costello
Jimmy Fox
Scott Kreyer
Holly Woods 1953-08-04
Mike Gingrich
Barry Connors
Name See associated acts
Mike Gingrich Amish

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