Mirrors - Peggy Lee

Stock Number
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2013-1 -15
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Is That All There Is 00:00:00
2 Ready to Begin Again (Manya's Song) 00:00:00
3 Some Cats Know 00:00:00
4 I've Got That Feelin' Too Good Today Blues 00:00:00
5 A Little White Ship 00:00:00
6 Tango 00:00:00
7 Professor Hauptmann's Performing Dogs 00:00:00
8 The Case Of M.J. 00:00:00
9 I Remember 00:00:00
10 Say It 00:00:00
11 Longing For a Simpler Time 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Abe Most woodwind
Alan Robinson horns
Allan Harshman viola
Alvin Stoller drums
Anne Goodman cello
Anthony Terran trumpet
Arnold Belnick violin
Artie Kane keyboards
Assa Drori violin
Barbara Thomason viola
Betty Lamagna violin
Bill Masonheimer tuba
Bill Perkins woodwind
Blanche Belnick violin
Bob Ludwig mastering
Bud Shank woodwind
Buddy Childers trumpet
Carl La Magna violin
Carmine Rubino engineer
Charles Loper trombone
Chauncey Welsch trombone
Chuck Findley trumpet
Claire Fischer keyboards
Corky Hale harp
David McMacken illustration
David Schwartz viola
Dennis Budimir guitar
Dennis Karmazyn cello
Don Grusin keyboards
Edgar Lustgarten cello
Elliot Rosoff violin
Emil Radocchia drums
Erno Neufeld violin
Fred Seykora bass
Fred Seykora cello
Gene Cipriano woodwind
Gene Estes drums
George Young woodwind
Georgia Alwan woodwind
Gerald Vinci violin
Guy Lumia violin
Hank Cicalo engineer
Hank Cicalo mix
Hans Albers photography
Harry Bluestone violin
Harry Klee woodwind
Irving Geller violin
Jack Nimitz woodwind
Jack Ranelli drums
Jackie Lustgarten cello
Jerome Richardson woodwind
Jerry Leiber producer
Jesse Levy cello
Joe Burnett trumpet
Joe Mondragon bass
Joe Porcaro drums
John Guerin drums
John Johnson tuba
John Neufeld woodwind
John Pintavalle violin
John Pisano guitar
Johnny Mandel arranger
Julien Barber viola
Junie Osaki design
Ken Park drums
Kenneth Shroyer trombone
Kenneth Watson drums
Larry Bunker drums
Malcolm McNab trumpet
Marcy Dicterow violin
Mari Tsumura violin
Marilyn Robinson horns
Mark Stevens drums
Meco Monardo arranger
Meco Monardo conductor
Michael Lang keyboards
Mike Melvoin keyboards
Mike Stoller producer
Mike Vlatkovich trombone
Norman Benno woodwind
Norman Carr violin
Paul Hubinon trumpet
Paul Shure violin
Perry Botkin, Jr. arranger
Pete Romano engineer
Philip Tule trombone
Ray Brown bass
Richard Nash trombone
Richard Sortomme violin
Roland Young art direction
Ronald Langinger woodwind
Shari Zippert violin
Sheldon Sanov violin
Stephen Paietta accordion
Tom Scott woodwind
Tommy Tedesco guitar
Tony Posk violin
Varda Ullman keyboards
Victor Feldman drums
Vincent DeRosa horns
Virginia Majewski viola
Wilbert Nuttycombe violin
William Kurasch violin

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