U.K. Squeeze

Signed with A&M Records in August 1977.

Squeeze's first album was the self-titled U.K. Squeeze in March 1978. It was released as U.K. Squeeze because there was another band in the U.S. named Squeeze.

Squeeze toured the U.S. from May 23 through July 19, 1978. They were the first British new wave band to tour the U.S.

Recording Years / Label
1978 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Chris Difford 1979-1998 guitar, vocals
Gilson Lavis 1979-1991 drums
Glenn Tilbrook 1979-1998 guitar, keyboards, vocals
Harry Kakoulli 1979 bass
Jools Holland 1979-1980, 1985-1990 keyboards
Name Birth Death
Chris Difford 1954-11-04
Gilson Lavis 1951-06-27
Glenn Tilbrook 1957-08-31
Harry Kakoulli
Jools Holland 1955-01-24
Name See associated acts
Chris Difford Difford & TilbrookSqueeze
Glenn Tilbrook Difford & TilbrookSqueeze
Jools Holland Klark KentSqueezeJools Holland

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