Signed with A&M Records Canada in 1981. Initially, in the U.S., the band was handled by I.R.S. Records.

The Payola$ won the top Juno Awards in 1983. In 1984, Hammer on a Drum was nominated for the Best Album Juno.



The Payola$ with A&M Canada staff celebrating their gold and platinum certificates. 

  1. 'Hot 10' Profiles: New Generation of Canadian Talent Bubbling Behind Long-Time Successes. Billboard, February 2, 1985.
Recording Years / Label
1980-1985 -  A&M Records
1980-1981 -  I.R.S. Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Alex Boynton 1985 bass
Bob Rock 1982-1985 guitar, vocals
Christopher Livingston 1983 keyboards
Christopher Taylor 1982-1985 drums
Garry Middleclass bass
Lawrence Wilkins 1982 bass
Mick Ronson 1982 keyboards, vocals
Paul Hyde 1982-1985 guitars, vocals
Taylor Nelson Little drums
Name Birth Death
Alex Boynton
Bob Rock 1954-04-19
Christopher Livingston
Christopher Taylor
Garry Middleclass
Lawrence Wilkins
Mick Ronson
Paul Hyde 1955-05-21
Taylor Nelson Little

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