Phil Ochs Concerts

Phil Ochs performed 84 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.
Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Springfield, OH Wittenberg University 1972-10-30
Perth, Australia Perth University 1972-7-1
Melbourne, Australia Dallas Broks Hall 1972-7-4
Tasmania, Australia 1972-7-5
Tasmania, Australia 1972-7-6
New York, NY Philharmonic Hall 1972-10-6
Canberra, Australia 1972-7-7
Canberra, Australia 1972-7-8
Sydney, Australia Victoria Park 1972-7-10
Sydney, Australia Sydney University 1972-7-11
Sydney, Australia New South Wales University 1972-7-12
Brisbane, Australia 1972-7-13
Townsville, Australia 1972-7-14
Los Angeles, CA Anti 1972-4-22
Adelaide, Australia Adelaide University 1972-6-23
Adelaide, Australia Town Hall 1972-6-26
Terre Haute, IN Indiana State University 1972-10-27
Perth, Australia Perth University 1972-6-29
Perth, Australia Perth University 1972-6-30
Washington, DC National Mall 1971-4-24
Washington, DC West Potomac Park 1971-5-1
Ann Arbor, MI Chrysler Arena 1971-12-10
Austin, TX Armadillo World Headquarters 1971-3-11
Hollywood, CA Troubadour 1971-2-16
New York, NY Hunter College 1971-4-17
Hollywood, CA Troubadour 1971-2-18
Detroit, MI Grande Ballroom 1971-1-23
Los Angeles, CA 1971-5-23
New York, NY Hunter College 1971-10-23
Ann Arbor, MI Hill Auditorium 1971-1-24
Flushing, NY Queens College 1971-11-24
Washington, DC 1970-5-9
Washington, DC National Mall 1970-4-30
Kent, OH Kent State University 1970-9-28
New York, NY Carnegie Hall 1970-3-27
Hollywood, CA Troubadour 1970-1-27
Washington, DC 1970-4-22
Chicago, IL 1970-2-21
Toronto, Canada Scarborough College 1970-10-17
Ithaca, NY Cornell University 1970-4-17
Nashville, TN Tennessee State Capitol Building 1970-4-12
Cincinnati, OH Ludlow Garage 1970-5-10
Vancouver, Canada Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum 1970-10-5
Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory 1970-4-4
Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory 1970-4-3
Berkeley, CA Community Theater 1970-5-2
Los Angeles, CA Trade Tech Auditorium 1969-4-13
New York, NY Carnegie Hall 1969-4-4
New York, NY 1969-4-5
Boulder, CO University of Colorado 1969-4-11
Claremont, CA Pomona College 1969-5-11
Los Angeles, CA Hollywood High School 1969-2-15
Vancouver, Canada PNE Garden Auditorium 1969-3-15
Northridge, CA Valley State College 1969-10-15
Berkeley, CA 1969-4-16
Philadelphia, PA Academy of Music 1969-5-16
Washington, DC 1969-1-19
New York, NY Lincoln Center 1968-1-21
New York, NY Cheetah 1968-8-1
Berkeley, CA Community Theater 1968-11-1
Lund, Sweden Lund University 1968-6-6
San Francisco, CA Fillmore Auditorium 1968-1-7
New York, NY Tavern on the Green 1968-3-7
Poughkeepsie, NY Vassar College 1968-3-9
Chicago, IL Lindy Opera House 1968-8-15
Toronto, Canada Massey Hall 1968-3-22
New York, NY Central Park 1968-4-23
Philadelphia, PA Old Pool Farm 1968-8-24
Chicago, IL Coliseum 1968-8-27
Chicago, IL Bandshell 1968-8-28
Berkeley, CA 1968-5-17
Washington, DC Lincoln Memorial 1967-10-21
Los Angeles, CA Ash Grove 1967-7-2
Guelph, Canada University of Guelph 1967-7-6
New York, NY Central Park 1967-7-7
Los Angeles, CA Ambassador Hotel 1967-6-9
New York, NY 1967-4-15
Santa Monica, CA Civic Auditorium 1967-12-16
Stony Brook, NY Stony Brook University 1967-10-20
New York, NY Carnegie Hall 1967-11-20
New York, NY 1967-11-20
Los Angeles, CA 1967-6-23
New York, NY Hunter College 1967-2-25
New York, NY Carnegie Hall 1967-10-1