Altitude - Rake's Progress

Stock Number
AMSD 80001
Almo Sounds
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1995-7 -3
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 El Camino 00:03:31
2 Howard Is a Drag 00:03:33
3 Salvation 00:03:27
4 I'll Talk My Way Out Of This One 00:03:16
5 When I Kiss Her 00:03:47
6 2 Eggs Any Style 00:03:52
7 I Hope You Miss Me 00:03:23
8 Whatever 00:03:39
9 Heart Full Of Stuff 00:03:58
10 Port Au Prince Tourist Information 00:04:10
11 Fingers in Your Ears 00:04:09
12 Looks Like This Could Be the End 00:03:24
13 Man Overboard 00:04:09
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Donlon background vocal
Bob Donlon bass
Gregg Lapkin guitar
Nicholas Sansano producer
Pete Klinger drums
Pete Klinger percussion
Stu Klinger guitar
Stu Klinger harmonica
Stu Klinger sitar
Tim Cloherty vocal

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