Renee Armand

“[A&M] wanted a hybrid of Carole King and Barbra Streisand. They got an outlaw, before outlaws were marketable.”

First signed by Almo/Irving Music as a songwriter in 1971. She was paired with another of Almo's staff writers Kerry Chater. 

Signed to A&M Records by Herb Alpert. During her tenure with A&M Records, Renee Armand was in demand on other projects.
       That's Renee singing "The Morning After" in the film "The Poseidon Adventure"
       For the "Bless the Beasts and Children" soundtrack by Barry DeVorzon and Perry Botkin, Jr., she sang "Lost"

Initially, her A&M album The Rain Book was to be produced by DeVorzon. It was not the project Armand wanted so she asked Jim Gordon to produce. “[The album] was about love and loss, despair and loneliness. And there is something about being from So Cal. It’s a desert. Rain is rare. Fires come every year and burn mountains down, and then when the rain comes, if it comes too hard, it destroys everything left. And still, we beg for rain so things won’t die, so things can grow.”

“I have always felt the album was, simply, real – awful but beautiful enough in its brokenness, and not Product. But Product was what you had to make. Product was everything or you were a failure. I was a failure. I was that record. I really was. It was a record of everything I was living, and it wasn’t good and it didn’t matter, so I wasn’t good, and I didn’t matter.” 

As a songwriter, she may be best known for "One Day In Your Life" made famous by Michael Jackson and as Hoyt Axton's co-writer of "Boney Fingers.""

Renee also contributed harmony and background vocals on records by John Denver, Linda Rondstadt, Michael Jackson and Emmylou Harris.


John Florez In the Studio With Renee Armand

Renee Armand Interview. Charles Donovan, July 20, 2018.


Recording Years / Label
1972-1973 -  A&M Records

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