The Wildest Wish to Fly - Rupert Hine

Stock Number
396 987
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1991
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 No Yellow Heart (Original Version) 00:04:49
2 Living In Sin 00:03:40
3 The Saturation Of the Video Rat 00:03:46
4 Firefly In the Night 00:04:04
5 A Golden Age 00:04:35
6 Picturephone 00:03:32
7 Victim Of Wanderlust 00:03:56
8 The Most Dangerous Of Men 00:04:40
9 The Wildest Wish to Fly 00:07:19
10 Blue Flame 00:04:18
11 No Yellow Heart (Later Version) 00:04:24
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Chakraverty mastering
Andy Scarth assistant engineer
Brian Griffin photography
Gary Wright artwork
James West-Oram guitar
Michael Dawe drums
Michael Ross art direction
Michael Ross design
Ollie Tayler woodwind
Phil Palmer guitar
Robert Palmer vocal
Rupert Hine drums
Rupert Hine producer
Rupert Hine vocal
Stephen Tayler engineer
Stephen Tayler producer
Trevor Morais drums

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