Their debut album Deadsexy was supported by rolling out the single "Honey Simple" first to college radio, a few weeks later to commercial alternative, then album-oriented stations. The album was given a limited edition package for radio, retail and the press that included a desk diary with art by Raskin who designed the album cover. Retail stores received posters and other point-of-purchase materials. A video of "Freakshow" was made for Europe.

  1. A&M Plans to Develop Scarce from the Stage. Steve Mirkin. Billboard, June 17, 1995.
Recording Years / Label
1995-1996 -  A&M Records
1995-1996 -  Paradox Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Chick Graning 1995-1996 vocals, guitar
Joseph Propatier 1995-1996 drums
Joyce Raskin 1995-1996 vocals, bass
Name Birth Death
Chick Graning 1966-10-28
Joseph Propatier
Joyce Raskin

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