Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 Discography

There are 117 releases for Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77. Click below for detailed information.

After Midnight/Gone Forever

After Midnight/Zanzibar/Pais Tropical/So Many People

Brasil ’77 Live At the Greek Carnival

Canto de Ubiratan/Promise Of a Fisherman

Celebration Of the Sunrise/Righteous Life

Com Pack

Golden Prize Vol. 2

Iemanja/The Crab

In Concert

King Seldom Series No. 9


Mais Que Nada/Constant Rain

Mas Que Nada/Daytripper/Scarborough Fair/Fool On the Hill

Mas Que Nada/The Christmas Song

Max 20

Night and Day

Pais Tropical

Pais Tropical/Despues de Medianoche

Pais Tropical/So Many People

Pais Tropical/Tanta Gente

Pais Tropical/Tonga

Pais Tropical/Tonga/Aza Branca/Chelsea Morning

Pais Tropical/Viramundo/Na Tonga da Mironga da Kabulete/Asa Branca

Pais Tropical/Zanzibar

Pais Troplcal

Primal Roots

Promise Of a Fisherman

Promise Of a Fisherman/Celebration Of the Sunrise

Promise Of a Fisherman/Pomba Gira



Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77

So Many People

So Many People/Zanzibar

Super Max 20

The Crab/After Sunrise

Tonga/Aza Branca/Pais Tropical/Manan de Chelsea

Wave/One Note Samba-Spanish Flea