Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77

In July 1971, Sergio Mendes announced he was changing his group's name from Brasil '66 to Brasil '77. He told Billboard, "I find myself growing: moving into new sounds and creating fresh ideas musically. The group feels it, and they change, too. And then we all move with the times.... [The sound] will blend a harder rock sound with a more authentic Brazilian-metered presentation. In other words, a blend of more subtle rock overlays and driving arrangements."

The first single from the newly expanded and renamed group was released in July 1971. During August, the group was touring in support of the September release of Pais Tropical.

The group's tour of Mexico was recorded as six 30-minute television specials that began airing weekly on June 12, 1972 via Channel 2's 50 stations.

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Recording Years / Label
1971-1974 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Claudio Slon 1971-1972 drums
Dom Um Romao 1971-1972 drums
Geri Stevens 1972 vocals
Gracinha Leporace 1971-1972 vocals
Karen Phillip 1971 vocals
Laudir Soares de Olivierira 1971-1972 congas, vocals
Oscar Castro-Neves 1971-1972 guitars
Rubens Bassini 1971-1972 percussion
Sebastian Neto 1971-1972 bass
Sergio Mendes 1971-1972 keybaords, vocals
Name Birth Death
Claudio Slon 1943-11-12 2002-04-16
Dom Um Romao 1925-08-03 2005-07-27
Geri Stevens 1946-02-17
Gracinha Leporace 1950-01-20
Karen Phillip 1945-09-07
Laudir Soares de Olivierira 1940-01-06 2017-09-17
Oscar Castro-Neves 1940-05-15 2013-09-27
Rubens Bassini 1933-01-26 1985-09-00
Sebastian Neto 1983-11-01 2001-06-13
Sergio Mendes 1941-02-11

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