Legally Blonde - Soundtrack

Stock Number
606949 307820
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2001
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Perfect Day 00:00:00
2 One Girl Revolution 00:00:00
3 We Could Still Belong Together 00:00:00
4 Love Is a Beautiful Thing 00:00:00
5 Magic 00:00:00
6 Don't Need You to (Tell Me I'm Pretty) 00:00:00
7 A Thousand Miles 00:00:00
8 Watch Me Shine 00:00:00
9 Ooh La La 00:00:00
10 Can't Get Me Down 00:00:00
11 Sex Machine 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Abraham Laboriel, Jr. drums
Alan Grunfeld violin
Anatoly Rosinsky violin
Andrew Wilson percussion
Anson Dawkins conductor
Antonina Armato arranger
Armen Garabedian violin
Asif Ali engineer
Ben Daily drums
Berj Garabedian violin
Bill Deaton co-producer
Bill Reichenbach horns
Bob Adcock cello
Brian Dembow viola
Brian Vibberts assistant engineer
Bruce Dukov violin
Cathy Duncan coordination
Cecelia Tsan cello
Charles Bisharat violin
Chris Lord-Alge mix
Chris Wonzer assistant engineer
Claudia Rossi drums
Clayton Haslop violin
Cory Churko Pro Tools
Curt Bisquera drums
Dan Higgins horns
Dana Stinson producer
Dave Ghazarian bass
Dave Ghazarian guitar
Dave Pensado mix
Dave Reitzas engineer
Dave Russell assistant engineer
David Channing engineer
David Guerrero assistant engineer
David Low cello
David Williams guitar
Dino Esposito producer
Dorian Holley background vocal
Doug Boehm engineer
Dweezil Zappa engineer
Dweezil Zappa guitar
Dweezil Zappa producer
Eddy Schreyer mastering
Elisa Yastic coordination
Endre Granat concert master
Eric Dawkins background vocal
Eric Dawkins conductor
Eric Dawkins producer
Gary Grant horns
George Pajon, Jr. guitar
Giloh Morgan mix
Giloh Morgan producer
Greg Burns assistant engineer
Howard Karp assistant engineer
J. C. Brandy guitar
Jack Puig mix
Jackie Brand violin
Jerome Cunningham bass
Jerry Hey conductor
Jerry Hey horn arrangement
Jerry Hey horns
Jess Raider vocal
Jim Caruso mix
Joe Quigley bass
Joel Derouin violin
John Goux guitar
John Pierce bass
Jon Glass mix
Jonathan Morant executive producer
Jonathan Morant producer
Jonathan Morant vocal arrangement
Jordan Schur executive producer
Justin Sharboro guitar
Katia Popov violin
Katie Harris bass
Kaylin Frank coordination
Kevin Richardson executive producer
Khris Kellow drum programming
Kirsten Fife violin
Krystal Harris piano
Krystal Harris vocal arrangement
Kudsian Kai background vocal
Larry Williams horns
LaToya Jackson background vocal
Leland Sklar bass
Liam Ward design
Lily Ho Chen violin
Lisa Loeb guitar
Lisa Loeb producer
Lissa Beltri guitar
Mario DeLeon violin
Mark Spencer guitar
Marlo Fisher viola
Matt Daily bass
Max Hsu engineer
Max Hsu guitar
Max Hsu keyboards
Max Hsu producer
Melissa Brock guitar
Melissa Brock vocal
Michael Landau guitar
Michael Ross engineer
Michelangelo Fratantuno bass
Mike Fraser mix
Mike Shipley mix
Natalie Leggett violin
Nick Marshall assistant engineer
Patrick Leonard keyboards
Patrick Leonard producer
Pauley Perrette vocal
Ralph Morrison concert master
Ray Cham arranger
Ray Cham bass
Ray Cham drum programming
Ray Cham producer
Ray Cham programming
Rob Schnapf producer
Robbie Buchanan keyboards
Robbie Buchanan programming
Robin Olson violin
Ron Fair arranger
Ron Fair conductor
Ron Fair executive producer
Ron Fair keyboards
Ron Fair piano
Ron Fair producer
Ron Fair shaker
Ron Fair tambourine
Ron Fair vibraphone
Roni Skies producer
Ronny Crawford drums
Ronny Crawford percussion
Sara Parkins violin
Siedah Garrett background vocal
Simon Oswell viola
Steve Deutsch engineer
Steve Deutsch Pro Tools
Steve Erdody cello
Steve Forman percussion
Syn-G organ
Tal Herzberg bass
Tal Herzberg engineer
Tal Herzberg Pro Tools
Teddy Landau bass
Terry Dexter vocal
Tim James arranger
Tim James guitar
Tricia Brock vocal
Vanessa Carlton arranger
Vanessa Carlton piano
Vanessa Carlton vocal
Vicki Miskolczy viola
Will Adams producer
Windy Wagner background vocal

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