Jeffrey Osborne

"I had a talent for singing any song exactly the way the original artist did it. So for a year, I refused to listen to the radio. I didn't want to be influenced by anyone. I would go...sit on a hit and try to fill a canyon with my voice. Now I sound like myself and that's the key to sticking around in this business. There are millions of great singers, but as soon as they open their mouths, people say, 'Oh, he sounds like Stevie Wonder.' And they go buy Stevie's record."

Jeffrey was a founding member of L.T.D. and performed with the group for ten years.

When choosing the first single from his Emotional album, Osborne paid attention to daughter Tiffany who asked her dad for "The Woo Woo Song." She picked a winner. The single was #1 on Billboard's Black Music Chart. He later chose "Soweto" because "the song had such an impact on me, because it's from the view point of children...You can't make controversy out of something that innocent."


Love Songs press release

  1. Osborne Woo-Woos Fans with Love Songs. Edna Gundersen. USA Today, September 10, 1986.
Recording Years / Label
1982-1989 -  A&M Records
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