A&M Records bought television ads for "American Hot Wax" in the Granada, Spain region. The ads ran for one week as a test to determine the value of expanding the campaign to more regions.

American Hot Wax press release
The Idolmaker
The Magic Flute New Music On A&M Records
Mother, Jugs & Speed New Music On A&M Records
Punchline press release
Scrooged press release
Soul Man 1986 A&R Presentation
Urgh! A Music War press release


Soundtrack: The Breakfast Club Canada CRIA gold award


Soundtrack albums released by A&M Records were associated with some very successful box office movies.
      Good Morning, Vietnam $123.92M
      Legally Blonde $96.52M
      The Untouchables $76.27M
      Octopussy $67.90M
      Scrooged $60.33M
      Sabrina $53.67M
      The Breakfast Club $45.88M
      Pretty In Pink $40.47M
      Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure $40.49M

The Good Morning, Vietnam soundtrack was given a special promotion by A&M Records Canada. Radio stations and print media received a black box with singles for "What a Wonderful World," "I Got You (I Feel Good)" and "Baby Please Don't Go" plus a replica of a hand grenade, a Good Morning, Vietnam khaki cap and dog tag.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack was never released in the United States. It was imported from A&M Records Canada.

Recording Years / Label
1971-2001 -  A&M Records
1995-1998 -  A&M Associated Labels
1984 -  A&M Records Canada
1986 -  A&M Records, Ltd.
1989 -  Cypress Records
1997 -  DV8
1993-1998 -  Hollywood Records
1982-1984 -  I.R.S. Records
1974 -  Ode Records
1982 -  Passport Records
1992-1996 -  Perspective Records
1992 -  Tabu Records
1995-1997 -  TVT Records
1984-1987 -  Windham Hill Records
1983-1988 -  Virgin Records
1984-1985 -  Fantasy Records

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