When We Dance - Sting

Stock Number
602527 186573
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2009-9 -18
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 When We Dance 00:00:07
2 When We Dance 00:00:11
3 When We Dance 00:00:11
4 When We Dance 00:00:17
5 When We Dance 00:00:30
6 When We Dance 00:00:45
7 When We Dance 00:01:00
8 When We Dance 00:01:30
9 When We Dance 00:02:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Andrew Growcott producer
Andy Kravitz assistant engineer
Ann Nesby background vocal
Carsten Schack remix
Dirk Grobelny engineer
Gary Hines background vocal
Hugh Padgham mix
Hugh Padgham producer
Jay Lean remix
Jim Scott mix
Kenneth Karlin remix
Mark Mazzetti additional production
Mark Mazzetti executive producer
Mark Mazzetti remix
Michael Comte photography
Michael Railton keyboards
Norman Moore art direction
Norman Moore design
Pete Smith mix
Pete Smith producer
Phil Nicolo additional production
Phil Nicolo remix
Randy Cantor assistant engineer
Richard Frankel art direction
Richard Frankel design
Robert Blasiak producer
Simon Osborne assistant engineer
Simon Osborne engineer
Sting background vocal
Sting producer

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