TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Late Night in Concert 1986-12-15
Profiles in Rock 1984-1-21
Rockpop In Concert 1983-7-23
Profiles in Rock 1983-7-7
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-6-20 My Kind of Lady
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-1-17 It's Raining Again
Top of the Pops 1982-11-25 It's Raining Again
Profiles in Rock 1982-5-24
Thommy's Pop Show 1982-11-27 It's Raining Again
Thommy's Pop Show 1982-12-18 It's Raining Again
Studio 3 1980-4-23 The Logical Song
Solid Gold 1980-2-28 The Logical Song (video)
Studio 3 1980-1-7 Dreamer
Midnight Special 1980-12-19 Dreamer (music video)
Top of the Pops 1979-4-12 The Logical Song
Top of the Pops 1979-4-26 The Logical Song
Exclusif 1979-4
Rockpop 1979-5-19 The Logical Song
Top of the Pops 1979-7-12 Breakfast in America
Top of the Pops 1979-7-26 Breakfast in America
Follies 1979-10-5
Midnight Special 1979-10-5 Goodbye Stranger/The Logical Song/Breakfast in America (music videos)
Studio 3 1979-10-10 Breakfast in America
Midnight Special 1977-10-7 Give a Little Bit (filmed performance)
Sight & Sound in Concert 1977-11-19
Follies 1977-11-27
Top of the Pops 1977-7-14 Give a Little Bit
Old Grey Whistle Test 1976-1-27
Young Music Show 1976-8-28
Popscope 1976-3-7 Lady
Top of the Pops 1975-2-6 Dreamer
Vous Avez Dit Bizarre 1975-12-18
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975-11-4
Vous Avez Dit Bizarre 1975-10-2 Dreamer/School
Midnight Special 1975-6-20 Hide in Your Shell/Bloody Well Right
Top of the Pops 1975-2-27 Dreamer
Old Grey Whistle Test 1974-1-22
Extremes 1971
Supertramp Portrait 1970 1970
.... 30 Sec spot Free As a Bird
Today Show Interview