Supertramp TV Show Appearances

Supertramp made 43 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
TopPop 1988-4-9 Free As a Bird
Late Night In Concert 1986-12-15
Na Sowas! 1985-6-15 Cannonball
Profiles In Rock 1984-1-21
Rockpop In Concert 1983-7-23
Profiles In Rock 1983-7-7
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-6-20 My Kind of Lady
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-1-17 It's Raining Again
Thommy's Pop Show 1982-11-27 It's Raining Again
Profiles In Rock 1982-5-24
Top Of the Pops 1982-11-25 It's Raining Again
Thommy's Pop Show 1982-12-18 It's Raining Again
Midnight Special 1980-12-19 Dreamer (music video)
Studio 3 1980-4-23 The Logical Song
Solid Gold 1980-2-28 The Logical Song (video)
Studio 3 1980-1-7 Dreamer
Top Of the Pops 1979-7-26 Breakfast in America
Studio 3 1979-10-10 Breakfast in America
Midnight Special 1979-10-5 Goodbye Stranger/The Logical Song/Breakfast in America (music videos)
Follies 1979-10-5
Top Of the Pops 1979-7-12 Breakfast in America
Rockpop 1979-5-19 The Logical Song
Exclusif 1979-4
Top Of the Pops 1979-4-26 The Logical Song
Top Of the Pops 1979-4-12 The Logical Song
Follies 1977-11-27
Sight & Sound In Concert 1977-11-19
Midnight Special 1977-10-7 Give a Little Bit (filmed performance)
Top Of the Pops 1977-7-14 Give a Little Bit
Young Music Show 1976-8-28
Old Grey Whistle Test 1976-1-27
Popscope 1976-3-7 Lady
Vous Avez Dit Bizarre 1975-12-18
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975-11-4
Vous Avez Dit Bizarre 1975-10-2 Dreamer/School
Midnight Special 1975-6-20 Hide in Your Shell/Bloody Well Right
Top Of the Pops 1975-2-27 Dreamer
Top Of the Pops 1975-2-6 Dreamer
Old Grey Whistle Test 1974-1-22
Extremes 1971
Supertramp Portrait 1970 1970
Today Show Interview
.... 30 Sec spot Free As a Bird